Remember that OK Stores Ad that goes:

“It’s our birthday but you get all the presents!”

Well this is more or less like that except I’m not giving you presents, no! It’s not an Oprah show. It’s just my first blog post and it’s posted on a day after my birthday! So before I continue let me say happy birthday Mugo and Angela, May the Lord grant you the desires of your hearts. Since it’s my first post, its nothing serious or controversial. Kinda like more fanta less serious. You noticed that I wished Angela a blast of a day too right. She is my sister, I would love to say twin but then if you see our bodies you will understand why I said sister. Since its the first post lets just play around with information less known to the public.

Well my relationship with Angela is interesting. Very! It’s a typical fraternal twin kinda life. The usual questions from people: When she is in Harare and you are in Bulawayo do you feel pain when she feels pain? Can you say the same answer if asked a question whilst in separate rooms? Of course I always respond yes to all these coz we actually possess these super powers fam. Then comes the controversial, who is older than the other, the first to come out or the last? I never used to understand this one but lately i do,I will not begin to explain both sides now but feel free to inbox me i will tell. Again let me set the record straight, we no longer wear the same clothes (although we still share Tees after bribing with chunks of meat of course). It seems she always wins the better twin award. I could be flourishing with the “twin rakanaka” award but again she robed me of this one, how? Well those who have met me or seen my pics know why. I was the first to come out which means she was sitting right on top of me and since my head was soft like my heart, it took another form *insert crying emoticon here* Thanks Angie!

But I never mention that I have a twin when asked to “tell us about yourself,” coz hanzi about yourself not about yourselves saka errr. As a result people get shocked when they find out there is a bubbly female version of me out there. Phela Angela really is ka female version of Mugo, minus a few qualities of course.  We learnt in the same class the whole of Primary and same school Secondary. High school  we decided to challenge ourselves to part ways. Fun times. No more “ndiani anokunda mumwe?” competitions thank God!

I named this post DEUCE why? Because its a title given to a thing representing, or represented by, the number two, in particular. It also represents the face of a die that bears two spots, a playing card bearing an index number two, a throw of the dice yielding two points, or as this piece suggests, Twins! It also means goodbye in slang so cheerio.



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